Take this quiz on how well you maintain balance in your life @ccarmentroche

If trying to maintain a balance between your personal and your professional life seems like you’re on a tightrope, you are not alone. Most Entrepreneurs and professionals have so much on their plate such as; businesses, family, parents, spouses, friends, etc; that their┬átime and energy has been sucked up by the end of the day.

Take the quiz below to see how well you are maintaining your balance.

True or False

1. Taking care of myself, Physically and Emotionally, is the only way I can manage my personal life and my professional life successfully.

2. When I take care of myself I can take care of others better.

3. I exercise daily and try to eat healthy foods.

4. My health comes first, therefore, I get yearly physicals and check-ups.

5. Quiet time for me is important whether it’s reading a book, a bubble bath, listening to music or just meditating.

6. When the seasons change I try my best to take walks outdoors as new experiences though I prefer to spend more time inside.

7. My passion is to be creative and when I am not in my creative mode I do not feel productive or efficient.

8. My family is my life and I try to spend as much time with my family as possible. Whether it be via Skype, phone or Facebook, reaching out to my family enriches my life.

9. When I contribute to the world and give my time in volunteering and connecting with new people every day, I feel my purpose and utilize my energy where it is most needed.

10. When my emotions take the best of me such as irritability or anger, that tells me that I am out of balance and that I need to recharge.

11. If my immune system is out of control and I feel like I’m getting sick, that is a sign for me to stop and take care of myself. I try to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids.

12. I’ve learned to say NO.

13. I welcome signs when my body tells me that I need a nap, exercise, rest, or just have soup.

14. I don’t stop my plans just because someone else has made a request. I prioritize my life accordingly.

15. Though I’m constantly busy I find time to do the things that I want to do, especially if it pertains to my family.

16. I am constantly happy and grateful. I find myself happier now than ever. Each day that I awake I am excited to start my day and work.

If you find that you have answered False to more of the questions than Truth, there are some changes that need to be done so that you can learn how to maintain a work-life balance. Ask me how I can help you find your balance back!

Here’s to a healthy & wealthy balance in life!


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