7 Steps in Creating an Atmosphere of Great Customer Service

Do you want to improve your customer service experience? Do you want your customers to say great things about your business to others? Your level of service depends on whether your customers will remain, or not. The total customer service is not only about fast service but creating a positive experience so that your customers can give a positive referral to others.

Below are 7 tips on bettering your customer service:

1. Deliver a consistent experience: Customers have high expectations and it’s your job to deliver. The gap between what you can deliver and what your customer expects can be bridged with consistency. Follow-up on the customer’s call and keep the promise you made to the customer.

2. Measure your customer service: How do I measure customer service? Send surveys to your customers to get their feedback. And if their feedback doesn’t match what your company offers, make the necessary adjustments to give your customer a totally satisfying experience. Contact your own business as a new prospect and see how fast the service is and how effective your customer service rep handled your request.

3. Compare your service: Check out your competition in the same industry. Contact them as a new prospect so that you can get a feel for whether their customer service is efficient and meet your needs.

4.Invest in the best practice: The more you invest on the best practice to improve your customer service, the more your customers will be content and revenue will be at its greatest. When you work on keeping your customers satisfied you increase your bottom line.

5. Tailor to their needs: Your customer wants a solution; respond to their request in a timely manner. Your customer wants expertise; make sure your reps are trained and skilled in the field of giving a satisfying experience.

6. Make even your policies: In order for your customer to have a “total” enhanced experience, they need to receive a full interaction from the time they enter the front door until they eventually leave. Your business should be about your customer, not vice versa.

7. Serve them: Whether it is via email, phone, fax, virtual, etc… Make sure your services are up to date. Make sure that what you promise is matched up with the available resources.

With today’s technology and so many available resources, you can provide the greatest customer service with an overall enhanced customer experience so that your customer can leave with a positive outlook and provide a positive referral.

Here’s to a great customer service experience!


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