Become Solution-Focused With These Skills

Living in a military state has its benefits. Like watching the Blue Angels perform in the yearly Air Show. Now, if you have never seen these pilots fly it is out of this world. The precision it takes to be able to perform so many maneuvers has got to be one of their biggest skills. And they bring the “Ooohs” and “Aaahs” to every show.


Like in every job, there are certain skills that are needed in order to bring a solution or how I like to view the Blue Angels as,”Swagg In The Air”.

Here are a few skills that will pay off in any job:

Compassion: In any business, whether it’s sales or in service, the skill of compassion has got to be one of the major skills to have. No matter what title or position you are in, if you don’t relate or have compassion towards others, then you will never see the bigger picture in what you do.

Effectiveness: You will only produce the desired result if you are passionate in what you are doing. If not, procrastination will take over and you will never get anything done. So, being effective in creating a daily to-do list and following through will make you a master in this skill.

Approachable: Some people can be in over their head or unapproachable when thinking that they can do it all on their own. These people are usually the ones that fail. When you are approachable, you get to meet many people that can provide resources to your success.

Flexibility: It is vital to be flexible in any work that you do. This helps you maintain consistency and solve problems in tough situations.

Positivity: When you wake up first thing in the morning, which voice do you listen to; the one that tells you to go back to sleep you are not worth anything or the one that tells you to wake up, show up and go be great? The voice you listen to depends highly on your success. Be positive and stay positive.

Here’s to Greatness!


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