Hold Back Your Anxiety At Conferences

Attending conferences can be very nerve wrecking, especially for introverts. The idea of just being surrounded by so many people when you prefer to be in bed chilling with Netflix. Or, sitting for hours listening to someone who doesn’t even engage with the audience is like signaling a boat in dense fog weather with a matchstick.

The good news is that there are ways to get motivated for your next conference without all the nerves.

First of all, be prepared before attending. Make sure you know all the details about the conference, the speakers, and the venue. This will better prepare you for your introductions. Practice your pitch in front of a mirror a few times.

Then, make sure your business cards are updated with all the correct information. Bring at least 300-500 cards with you at every conference.

Finally, do not let your electronic devices distract you from a great experience in meeting some great people. Set your notifications off and make sure to just check your emails during breaks or away from face-to-face conversations.

Get some rest and here’s to great conferences!


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