Jump Start Your Success Following Your Grandparents’ Work Ethics!

I’ve just started reading a new book, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. And it gives simple strategies on success.

One of the quotes written in the book states, “If we want to succeed, we need to recover our grandparents’ work ethic”.

The photo above represents my grandparents; not only true love but true success as well. At the ripe age of 8, entrepreneurship was presented to me by my grandparents. They owned a shoe-shine parlor in Elizabeth, NJ. I would run every day after school to their business to start my afternoon job. Why was I more excited about working with my grandparents was found years later in my passion for serving. I would watch my grandfather in the back of the shop utilizing this huge machine where he would attach new soles and sew shoes together. Meanwhile, a customer would come in with their rich, Italian-made shoes, and I would grab a cloth with paste and start shining away. If they requested a more intense shine, I would grab some more intense products to make them shine. My reward was a whole Quarter-Dollar. Now, back in the days that was huge!

The best part was having a candy store just a few doors down where I was able to buy a whole brown bag of candy.

I never knew what the saying, “work hard, play hard” meant until now. At the end of the work day, I would exit with my grandparents to a small convention hall and there would be tables and tables of Italian-style foods lined up against the wall with different types of bread and kinds of pasta. Hence, my weakness for Italian foods was birthed! But there I saw the success of my grandparents because it was at the convention hall where all their customers gathered for fellowship and to break bread.

Prosperity is not in the material, but in the relationships created!

Here’s to Greatness & Success!

*pic: my grandparents*


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