My Top 5 Used Apps For Business

It is amazing to me how anyone can run a business from the luxury of a cell phone but it can be done if you use the right apps.

Here are my top 5 apps that I use in business:

1. Google Drive – I save about everything in Google Drive. It’s like my suitcase away from home, and ladies you know what I mean. We can stuff so much in one suitcase or a lot in many. From blog images, attachments to spreadsheets and documents, you can save about anything in it and it creates a backup as well (OK, a suitcase can’t do that). It’s user-friendly and you can use it on more than one device.

2. Evernote – When I come upon an article or blog post that I want to read at a later time, I save it in Evernote. I can organize all of my note-taking from webinars and conferences. It’s great for manuscripts as well.

3. Quickbooks – Organizing your business finances is one of the most detailed tasks ever. But when you have an app that can help you through it and keep it all under one umbrella then life becomes easier. You can track your business mileage and even scan your receipts to the app. It’s like your own personal accountant in the palm of your hands.

4. Cloze– One of the best relationship management apps ever. You can even chat with your team and get projects completed from start to finish. Great way to follow-up with clients and keep in touch. Stop searching for your contact’s information when you have this app that will do all the work for you.

5. Google Calendar – If you have not already noticed, I am a huge Google fan. You can submit tasks, your to-do list, meetings, conferences and so much more. Even add your shopping list! It makes life so much easier when you can track everything in one place.

Here’s to great apps!


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