The Steps I Took To Start My VA Business

It started with a typing class more than 20+ years ago and I haven’t stopped since. In high school, I had a choice of whether to take a sewing class or typewriting and I chose the latter. Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought typing will evolve the way it has today. Whether it’s on a laptop or even as small as a smartphone, typing has come a long way.

In 2009, I decided after so many years of experience in administration to start my own Virtual Assistant (VA) business. It took a lot of research and time but in the end, it was a great experience.

Here are the steps I took to start my VA business:

1. Research – Find out first if running a business is for you. Make sure you have the patience and characteristics of an entrepreneur (that will be another blog). I studied and studied and studied what it will take to start a business. From what skills would be needed to the equipment and software. was one great resource to go.

2. Licensed – I wanted to be legit and obtain my business license. So, I researched some more on my state laws and business types. The more I researched, the more thinking I had to do. #didyouknow There are a variety of business types such as, Sole Proprietor, LLC, Corporation, etc.? After choosing which business type, I filled out the application and took my business fee to the city building to get my license.

3. Business Plan – No matter what business you are in, you should have a business plan. A business plan projects what your business will be like in 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years. It’s like the blueprint of your business. It helps you keep your business goals on track.

4. Business Name – Acronyms are always fun. Make your business name professional but fun. When I was a kid I always created words from just about any acronym. So, I decided that my business name would be an acronym of what I did. Hence, the name V.O.I.S was created. It stands for Virtual Office Internet Services. Your business name should identify with what you do. Of course, I researched some more to make sure no one else had this business name and I registered with

5. Equipment & Software – As a home-based business, I had to make sure I had a quiet space to do business and some great internet service.  Since I’m also an online business there are not much office supplies that I would need except for a filing cabinet and folders to store my client’s information. As I learn more of what my clientele needs than I research for the software that is needed to complete my projects.

Depending on your business, you may need more steps such as, capital and loans for small businesses or leasing an office building. The important thing is to take one step at a time.

Here’s to a great startup!


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