Think You’re Cut Out For Blogging? Follow These 8 Steps

You’ve been blogging for quite awhile, spending time on creating the best content and trying to reach your biggest audience. Then you check your analytics and doubt and fear try to control your emotions as to why you are a failure. Not that you are! But it is the worse feeling ever isn’t it? Don’t answer!


Good news!

Follow these 8 steps to become a better blogger:

1. Appeal the reader with a powerful title. You can utilize HubSpot Blog Topic Generator to get great ideas or Portent’s Content Idea Generator to create great titles.

2. Don’t make the introduction the body of the blog. Make it short and sweet. Engaging but not long.

3. Use great images, just not too many. A great tool for free stock photos is Pixabay.

4. Don’t make it difficult for the reader. If you are using a list create bullet points. Use quotes as well to keep the reader motivated.

5. Add value by using links and make sure you test them as well.

6. Proofread….proofread….proofread. A great tool to use to make error-free writing is Grammarly. It’s a free tool to correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

7. If your blog uses a “categorize” section make sure you update according to the topic of your blog so that it will be easy for readers to find.

8. The way you start with a short introduction, also end with a short conclusion. Add a resource or invite your readers to leave a comment.

Here’s to great blogging!


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