What I learned from an Administrative Conference

I attended an Administrative Conference in 2012 where there was lots of laughter, stories, and tears (mostly from laughing so much). The speaker of the day was totally hilarious. She had so many jokes and stories and she even brought a song or two. But the one thing that caught my attention that afternoon was her take on having the “NEXT” attitude.

Ever had one of those days where you thought you had everything planned; appointments, meetings, exercise, checking emails, online bill pay, eating healthy, etc. Then everything turned out wrong? You finally signed that contract and it turns out the dog ate it. You’ve forgotten that you had an appointment that morning and your client has been waiting for you. Your car breaks down as you are trying to deliver a package to your client. These are just some of the minor issues we deal with every single day.

As a “normal” human being it is OK to be frustrated or even cry but as an Entrepreneur, you cannot stop. Life doesn’t end there and neither does work. This is where the “NEXT” attitude comes into place. So, here it goes!

  • It is a week after you were supposed to pay a bill. Scan your bill to your Administrative Consultant so that they can automatically pay your bill online… NEXT!
  • The end of the third quarter is here and you have a report to run but your printer breaks down. You can either fax or scan them to your Administrative Consultant so that they can complete them for you… NEXT!
  • The meeting minutes that were due two days ago have been prepared the night before and after working on them for more than two hours your child spills their red drink on it… Hoping that you saved them on your computer, you can email them to your Administrative Consultant so that they can print out another copy… NEXT!
  • You have to deliver packages to one of your clients and your car breaks down. Immediately contact your Administrative Consultant with instructions and directions and they can pick up your package and deliver it for you…or Uber helps! NEXT!
  • You want to publish a monthly newsletter to keep in contact with your clients but you don’t have the time. Let your Administrative Consultant know what you want and they can prepare the newsletter for you, sign up your contacts and deliver it via online… NEXT!
  • You have five minutes to attend an online conference but you are running late. Let your Administrative Consultant start the conference for you with #Anymeeting until you are available… NEXT!
  • You have tips and ideas that you would like to submit on your social media. You send your ideas and tips to your Administrative Consultant so that they can submit them to your social media sites… NEXT!

In other words… NEXT! Do not let any minor setback cause you to stop moving forward. Whenever you feel like doubt, fear or a trial appear, knock it out with a “NEXT” attitude and move forward.

Scream it from the top of your lungs… NEXT!


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