3 Steps In Keeping “YOU” Accountable

Most of us love to motivate and keep others accountable in helping them reach their goals and dreams. But are you keeping YOU accountable? Are you saying your affirmations daily and keeping up with your goals?

There’s nothing wrong with helping others, but if you don’t help yourself then you are leaving out the most valuable person….You!

Here are 3 steps in helping YOU keep accountable for your dreams, goals, and vision:

  1. Download Boomerang for Gmail. This tool is amazing because you can send and schedule yourself an email or reminders. A basic account is free, up to 10 messages.
  2. Schedule your daily affirmations or follow up on your goals and send it to yourself.  You can schedule in hours, days, weeks or even months. Set the date and time and, VOILA! Your “SELF” will thank you!
  3. Feel accomplished. The feeling you have when you receive that amazing email of gratitude. Or, when you’ve accomplished a goal and you read the email of “Goal Completed”. You have just become your own personal life coach.

Don’t forget, send “YOU” an email and go be awesome!


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