What Is All The Rave About?

I heard about the Five-Minute Journal just a few weeks ago. And I thought, “what could possibly make this journal so different than the others”! So, my curious self decided to research and buy (that’s my journal in the pic above).

It guarantees that it’s the most effective and simple way to start each day on a positive note. Many of us go to sleep with worries and wake up with the same worries. But if we do something positive we can shift every thought.

Even if you don’t journal, which I do, it’s supposed to remove all excuses on starting to journal. Which by the way, I so recommend journaling. It helps all those ideas and plans in your head come out on paper where you can vision it then take action.

This journal also states that it’s good for those that “have problems sticking to a commitment”! Hmm. In other words, it’s a simple way to keep consistent with your goals. Oh, ok!

So, overall, it’s supposed to make all happiness in under five minutes a day! I’m looking forward to my future review. ¬†For more info visit their site by Intelligent Change.

Here’s to journaling!


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