Kayaking in Raleigh, NC

When 2017 started, the first goal I wanted to accomplish is to travel. Now that my kids are grown and raised, I thought why not. Well, my first trip was to Raleigh, NC. Of course, because my daughter lives there but also because I’ve heard nothing but beautiful things about the state so I wanted to see for myself.

We started with a 2-mile hike which was pretty amazing since it was surrounded by a lake so we took a lot of selfies. Than at the end of the hike we decided to go kayaking. I though to myself, “I haven’t been kayaking since I was in girls scouts way back ?????”. This was truly going to be very interesting. Turned out to be so much fun. Of course the sun was beaming hot and you don’t realize how much exercise it takes until your arms start feeling numb. But at the end, it was all about sharing moments with “familia” (pic below)


The next few days were tiring from touring around the city but you forget how tired you are when you start seeing the landscape of the hills and so many trees. It’s the simple things that need to be enjoyed. But in order to enjoy them we need to take a pause sometimes in life. You know the saying, Stop and smell the roses!

Overall, the City of Raleigh is a beautiful city. One of the very few cities that still care about their environment. It’s so picturesque, you just don’t want to put your camera down. I can’t wait until my next visit.



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