Why You Should Invest In Good Luggage

When you’re hitting the road to travel, one of the least things that you should worry about is your luggage, right? Wrong! I think that it’s one of the most important and valuable items to invest in.

Because when you invest in something good, you know it will take care of you!

I’ve been in search of a good suitcase for my travels. This suitcase should be durable to handle the throw around. It should be comfortable to make traveling from one place to another easy. And it should have a lot of space inside to be able to carry all of my “stuff”


I introduce to you my new traveling buddy! It’s the Skyline Glide Hardside Spinner luggage. {I know right} It brings with it everything I was looking for and more. It’s hardshell, so no matter how kind the airport staff will be (MHM), this suitcase will be able to handle it. And the best part, it has spinner wheels so it’s so easy to maneuver any which way. Oh, it gets better, I purchased it for less than $100 at…..drum roll, please…….TARGET! You gotta love Target!!

So, I’ve used it already for my previous short road trip and was able to fit 4 pairs of clothing, 2 pairs of shoes, all of my hygiene and cosmetics (and that’s a lot) and all of my under clothes, which was a lot as well. But I’m truly looking forward to seeing how it really handles on my flight this month.

Happy Travels!


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