Who Are You Following?

A different perspective on follow the leader. A sermon given last year by one of our amazing pastors at #newlife still holds true today.
I’ve always wondered why certain people follow others. If one cuts or dyes their hair. A person will follow. If one gets into a business. A person will follow. If one gets a new boo. A person will follow. If one wears certain clothes or shoes. A person will follow. If one drives a certain car. A person will follow. Sounds creepy to me!
Though I’ve heard the saying, “if you’re gonna follow, follow the right kat” but not to the extent of everything. Than I heard this sermon, “Follow the Leader”. It gave me a different perspective.
See, many “people” think that by just attending church 24/7, every day of the week makes them a follower of Christ but in reality it makes you an observer. The one that actually is a follower of Christ believes that HE is their Lord and Savior at all times. And that no other comes before HIM, that’s right, not even your pastor! An observer will also choose and pick its own path while the follower will let Holy Spirit direct them.
In Mark 10, God tells the rich ruler to “take up the cross and follow him”.
In other words, abandon all that you are and all that you have and exchange that for my identity!!!!!!!
So, when you choose to follow someone make sure that their whole entire identity matches the identity of Christ. Or else you will just be following a counterfeit.
Follow the right leader!

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