Traveling, these days, shouldn’t be so difficult!

I believe in working smarter, not harder in ALL things! Recently, I started traveling for my job. Mind you, my dream is to always travel but I am not a good traveler. I get sick and very anxious on planes. But that part has been taken care of with some good natural meds.

But while I work, I also have to make sure I don’t go over my time and my expenses!


Who has time for making sure all receipts are correct and all travel arrangements are in compliance when you have to work and make sure you are ready for your presentation. Not I, said…..I. Well, with today’s technology, you can travel with ease. I’ve recently downloaded the EXPENSIFY app. This app is one amazing resource to use for traveling.

Scan your receipts and it will save it for you and even create a report. Waaaaaat! Yes! You can integrate it with your quickbooks as well. How amazing is that! No more sifting through your bags and huge purses for receipts. No more worrying about submitting that expense report on time. Everything taken care of within minutes right in the palm of your hand!

Safe travels my friend!


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