7 Easy Ways to Set-Up Your VA Biz

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an entrepreneur who provides administrative and technical services remotely from anywhere around the globe. In 2009, after 20+ years of service in the administration world and becoming a Certified Admin Professional, I decided to start my own VA biz called VOIS, Virtual Office Internet Services. Your one-stop shop in getting the administrative service you need so that you can work on what’s most important for your business. Immediately after, many of my solopreneur friends needed admin support for their business and I offered to serve.



You may find on my blog that I have shared on “The Steps I Took to Start my VA Business“. This new post will give you a more detailed breakdown of how easy it is to set-up your VA biz.

So, let’s get started!

  • Choose your niche – there is a variety of VA’s who offer different services. Some are general admins while others are more technical. Make sure you choose the right niche according to your skill level. The great thing about working as a VA is that you can always learn new skills online, some courses for free.
  • Get the name right – this is probably one of the hardest tasks to complete. For me, I love acronyms so I played with some to match what I work in and came up with V.O.I.S., Virtual Office Internet Services. I also filed it with Legalzoom. To make sure no one else has the name and no one else can use it. Whichever name you choose, please Google it first to make sure it is available.
  • Show me– some may say that a website is not needed but then I don’t understand how someone who works “virtually” does not have one. It’s like your resume except online. People want to know what you do, who you are and how legit your business is. What better way to show them than with a great website and social media platform.
  • Set-up Office – one of the great benefits of being a VA is that you really don’t need much office supplies or equipment to work with. Since you can work literally from anywhere around the globe, a great laptop and backup drive are really what’s needed. If you do have a home office, you may want to purchase filing cabinets and some folders to save your paper trail. But saving everything on the cloud gives you access on any electronic device. Also having the right software that fits your business need is important.
  • Package it right – structure what your VA services will be. Some VA’s offer packages while others just offer hourly services. Whichever works for your business, make sure it is structured the way you serve.
  • Get Paid – determining your pricing structure is very important on how you should pay yourself. The worst thing you can do is get underpaid for a service that is highly sought out for.
  • Choose your business mentor – even if you work your business on your own, you always need help. Find a mentor that not only helps you when you’re doing great but also when you are feeling your lowest. You know the saying, “it takes a village“, in business as well.

Happy Structuring!


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