Introvert? Stay Away From Las Vegas!

I’ve recently just came from a business trip in Las Vegas. My first time there!


*pic courtesy of Mikael*

I am also an introvert. Vegas and Introverts don’t mix!

I’ve never seen so many people, in one place, in my life. They were like everywhere. From adults rushing to get on the slot machines hoping to win hundreds, thousands or maybe a million. To little babies riding in carriages wondering, “why am I here”! Of course, there were so much for all these people to do. Shops to spend all the money that they won on the slot machines. Shows to enjoy from comedies to people flying across on wires. A lot of flashy lights to enjoy in the evenings. And many restaurants to eat all types of foods.

There are also a lot of homeless people in the streets. Mothers feeding their kids bread that they received from someone who just passed them by. To young men hustling to be able to pay whatever they need to pay. And naked people. Naked people everywhere! They’re not even paid to be naked. You just take a picture of them and they make sure to get their tip. And that’s how they make a living.

I was exhausted after the trip. Mentally and physically, it took a toll on me. I never looked forward to rushing home and hibernating a few days before I had to start work again. Being able to be in my own quiet space to mentally recharge. Thinking of how grateful I am for even the simple things in life that sometimes we take for granted. So, be forewarned, if you are an Introvert and heading to Vegas make sure you take a few days after to regroup.

Here’s to Team Introverts!

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