You Need A Time Out!


Don’t Move. For 2 Whole Minutes.

I bet you can’t do it. I mean total quiet. No movement. Just you and the waves.

I know it’s totally hard to get even one second of peace and quiet in our busy lives! No time to breathe nor relax and way too much work to do.

If you are agreeing with me right now I have the perfect 2 minutes you will ever have. It’s called the “DO NOTHING FOR 2 MINUTES“…I KNOW!

You listen to the waves and relax for two minutes.

But… If you touch the keyboard or mouse, the timer stops and asks you to “Try Again”.

It took me a few tries and I probably never made it through. So, here’s take 3 or was that 4?!!!

Give it a try and let me know how many times it took you to get through the full two minutes! Please hit reply to this email and share.


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