If You Love What You Do, You’ll Love Who You Serve!

In 2009, I started my Virtual Assistant company; VOIS, Virtual Office Internet Services!


What motivated me to start my company is that I had many friends who started their own businesses and needed back office support. Because what busy entrepreneur has the time to work on detailed tasks and administrative projects when they have more important things to do.

Before I took the leap to start my company, there were things I had to prepare myself for.

  • How to provide great customer service
  • How to create organizational systems
  • How to provide an easy to use payment plan
  • How to create a social media following
  • How to set-up my corporation
  • How to sign up for a business license
  • How to learn online tools and resources
  • How to study the daily changes of the internet

What helped me better prepare is the general business courses I took in high school such as; typing. Mhm, remember the first typewriter! I also took office assistant jobs that helped me learn the different facets of administration. From Microsoft Suite to Project Management. In working with the City where I live, they offered me two years of free education and I became a Certified Admin Professional. It’s equivalent to an Associates degree.

Although I currently work my VA business part-time, which means I have to sacrifice a lot of my time, I truly enjoy serving my clients, They range from; speakers, authors, healthcare, ministers and much more. The greatest part of my business is watching these entrepreneurs go from thinking they have to do it all on their own to know that they have someone on their side bringing balance to their work-life. It’s a collaboration of great minds!

Here’s to much success!

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