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To Goal or Not!

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So, I’ve had plenty of “sick” alone time this past week to have a conversation with myself and make a few changes. Including Goal Journaling!

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much” – Jim Rohn

Have you ever thought about how you can change some things in your life to make it better? Whether it’s financially, physically, mentally, etc…I know everyone is always making goals and starting them at the beginning of the year and most never even accomplish half of them. But if you’ve reached most of those goals then it’s time to create new ones whether you’re in the middle or ending the year.

One of my goals for 2017 was to travel more. Well, this goal magically was accomplished when my job had me travel to speak. What’s better than traveling with all expenses paid!!! Goalllllllll 🙂 Another goal was to work on my credit. And thank God for a program called, “Credit Restoration Associates” who happen to be so amazing with helping me work on my credit and making sure that everything reported on me is accounted for correctly. Raised my points by a bunch. Another….Goallllllll 🙂 Homeowner soon to come!

Now, for 2018 traveling is still one of my goals but to personally enjoy it more. I found though that physically I may not be fit to travel freely without getting sick or having back pain. So, a new “ongoing” goal for me is to make a #totallifechange. One of my weaknesses is soda. It has been truly hard, no matter how many times I’ve tried to quit, I always get back to drinking those cool, iced fountain 32oz colas full of sugar that taste sooooo good on a hot summer day. No Bueno!! But I’ve been weening my way out by drinking more iced cold water instead. I’ve also decided to add more “natural” nutrients to my body with natural products like #Chaga, #Techui and add more #NRG (energy) to my life without the crash! Feel free to visit my link for these amazing total life products! I’ve also added more walking and yoga to my days.

There’s nothing wrong with you having a “quiet” #duossella moment and re-evaluating your goals in the middle of the year. Especially if it’s going to bring POSITIVE changes to your life. So, feel free to stop…breathe and take that moment to re-focus! Dust off that journal and re-create your goals.














2 thoughts on “To Goal or Not!”

    1. Exactly Susan, when you’re busy parenting it’s hard to think about your own goals. With our kids growing up it’s given me a lot of time to rethink and refocus! Hope you get that time as well.


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