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First-Class Noticer

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You ever wonder why some people are more observant than others? Me either. It’s probably because I am one of those very observant individuals. Before people even come up to me, I’ve already noticed so much about them. I study people all the time. Hence, why I’m so introverted. There’s too many people to study 😉

What I have currently learned from the Draw the Circle challenge in the women’s only bible study group is that it’s even more important to be a “first-class noticer“. It’s a character trait and a good one to have really. It weeds out what really should be noticed versus what you want to notice. For instance, my new eye candy is the new Audi A4. My oh my, that car is a beauty. Everything about the body and style of the car just grabs my attention. The outward beauty. But I really never noticed it because it wasn’t relevant to me until I gave it my attention. Now I see so many of them! But some things take more than just your senses to perceive what is truly significant…it’s called REVELATION!

The next time you sit with someone ordinary, just know this; that individual may have some challenges and it is your job to notice, not only the outward but what’s going on within, and be a solution-maker. But also know that individual is a walking miracle just like you. Don’t forget to practice #duossella with someone.

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