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Remove “I Will Try” from your vocabulary!

It was just a few days ago when I had to prepare my KRA for work. What a daunting assignment. Everyone’s level of self-confidence always seems to lower especially when you have to talk highly about your worth!

What I didn’t realize, this time is that I had a one-on-one meeting with my new boss to go over my KRAs within a couple of hours and it was not complete. I rushed into writing what I will do to complete my projects and make sure that my job position is worth it. In rushing, I wrote the words “I Will Try” a few times without me writing it on purpose. During the meeting that was the first thing my boss mentioned. She looked at me and said, “Remove the words I Will Try from your vocabulary and have more confidence in yourself because you can do it“. I had to pause for a minute. Made me take a self-check! (pause)

See, I’m always the one motivating and inspiring others. Staying positive through every challenge. Maintaining my optimism through my life journey. Speaking life in every situation. What I didn’t realize was that I was not treating myself with the same confidence. I was too busy taking care of others that I’ve forgotten to take care of me. So, never stop believing in yourself and always make sure you take time to take care of you. Visualize you achieving all of your goals. Read your affirmations daily. Kick fear in the face. Remove the negativity and drama from your life. Speak life. Take time for you because…..You Matter!

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