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The Tattoo I Would Get!


I have many friends who have tattoos. Some have various ones all over their bodies. While others may just have a few. When I ask, “what does that tattoo mean to you?” there is always a quick response which turns into great conversations. Many have dates when their kids were born or when loved ones have passed away. Some have pics of their loved ones including pets while others have quotes, words or meaningful sayings. One of my favorite tattoos that I have seen is the word #Enough. Simple but powerful!

Now, I don’t have any tattoos at all. I know, bummer 🙂

But if (and that’s a huge if) I were to get one it would be the design in the pic above with all four of my children’s names surrounding it. And when people would ask me, “what does that mean to you?” boy would I have stories. Let’s just say it would start an interesting and long conversation.

You see, I am a single mother of four amazing human beings. Three of them became Marines this year. So, it’s been a whirlwind of a year. But when I see all that my children have accomplished in their young age, there is a huge pride that engulfs my whole being. All this time I have overly-protected my kids and taken care of them the best I could and now they are doing amazing things and traveling the world. They have become my heroes.

So, instead of judging people over their tattoos, why don’t you start communicating and asking, “what does that tattoo mean to you?”. You would be surprised the stories you hear. You will meet some amazing people too.

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