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The Impact of Losing Someone you Love!


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I hate death. I know we shouldn’t and we should all expect it someday. But losing someone you truly love is so hard and takes a lot of time to get over, sometimes never.

Have you ever encountered a meeting with an angel? I can say I did for most of my childhood. Her name was, “Grandma” aka “Abuelita” in Spanish and she was the love of my life. I did not want to be a day without her. She was the greatest woman I have ever met. A feisty 4’7″ Latina but with a huge heart that never stops loving. From the time I was born, my Grandma was always by my side. Teaching me how to talk, watching me take my first steps, healing my wounds, feeding me homemade foods and teaching me how to cook. She also taught me everything about entrepreneurship by showing me the ropes in her business, a shoe-shine parlor that catered to highly rich Italians (hence: my favorite food is Italian). But the best thing I learned was about family. How to cherish family and take care of it.

When I heard that she passed in 2010, I was devastated because there was no way I could’ve gotten to her in time since she was on the island of Puerto Rico. I made plans immediately a few weeks later to visit her grave. The impact of seeing my grandmother for the last time in a grave was truly difficult for me but the memories she left behind will always be engraved in my heart. I am grateful that I was able to meet such an incredible woman and that she was part of my life and my familia!

I hope to be at least half of the woman you were Abuelita! Te Amo! R.I.P ❤

A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul. Minna Antrim

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