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3 Essential Goals for 2019!

Happy new year to you all and may 2019 bring you all good health and many blessings!

I stopped creating resolutions many years ago, only because I never followed up and procrastinated. But what I do now to prepare for the new year are goals. Many of you have different goals and some more than others. They may vary from family to education.

Below are my top 3 essential goals for 2019:

1. Health: We all want to feel energized and enjoy life daily. But the older we get, the harder it is to feel great. It’s also expensive to eat healthy. So, I’ve decided to become financially stable where I can exercise and prepare meal plans. With this, I would have to stop procrastinating and study nutrition so that I can lose at least 30 lbs. And finally make it to a gym!

2. Finances: As a single parent I’ve always struggle in this area. It’s difficult to save when your priority are your children and trying to give them everything they need. Well, i’m going through the “empty-nest” stage and now I have no excuse to save for my future. One of my favorite apps to keep a budget is EVERYDOLLAR. It helps me stay focused on my bills and expenses so that I won’t have to spend unnecessarily. And helps me to save. Learning the skills in finances are so vital to a stable life.

3. Experiences: How many times I wish to take a cruise or create a new adventure. It starts with being financially stable. Having the money to save helps in creating new hobbies or just enjoy life. Even if you have to sacrifice by how many days you eat out in one week or deciding on whether it’s a want or need. And once you save, then plan!

I’m looking forward to an amazing 2019 and wish you all great success! You’ve got this!

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