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5 Ways to Celebrate Self-Love!

Ahhhh, February, the month of love. Where one spends extra on flowers, chocolates and balloons to show the other just how much they love them!

But what happens when you don’t have a significant other? One can choose to have a one-man pity party or choose to celebrate SELF-LOVE.

Here are 5 ways to break the barriers and celebrate your SELF:

  1. Change your mindset. Don’t play the victim role of single-hood. Though being single may feel like a loss but it can be a gain. Instead, celebrate being single by changing your mindset. Preparing yourself, your thoughts, working on YOU to become a better YOU each day.
  2. Speak life and affirm. Don’t listen to negativity or anything/one that keeps you from moving forward. Wake up each day speaking positive affirmations to help you stay focused.
  3. Watch your environment. In my culture there’s a saying; tell me who you hang with and I’ll tell you who you are. I never understood it until I became grown. Surround yourself with those that challenge you to be better.
  4. Check yourself. That’s right. You need to stop and check yourself. When you look in that mirror daily, ask yourself are you who you want to see or are you becoming someone you know you’re not! Depending on the answer, act accordingly.
  5. Cut off or keep. If you haven’t heard of the Kondo mission yet then you’ve been lost. The kondo mission is to organize and only keep what brings you joy. That goes for every relationship as well; family, friends, co workers, church folk, etc.. keep only those that bring you joy.

Cheers to self-love because you matter. ♡

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