*family pic 2014*

Carmen is the Mamacita of four amazing grown-ups. One girl. Three Marine Boys. She is a sister to three brothers, an acquaintance to many but a loyal friend to a few. A woman of many skills but her friends would say she’s “a great listener”!

Whenever she has downtime she loves to read, write, visiting the beach, #netflixandchill and drinking chai tea latte and VINO!

Her favorite candy is Skittles (the red bag) 🙂 and Whoppers!

Her favorite music are Classical, Jazz and Latin.

Her favorite authors are Danielle Steele and John Grisham.

Her favorite apps on the cell phone are Candy Crush Soda, Headspace, Calm, Instagram, Sandboxx, FreePrints, Amazon, First 5, Wine Shop At Home, and Bible.