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4 Steps To Self Care

I've recently been doing a lot of research on self-care. You know, things to do to take care of self, places to go, books to read, stuff like that. And you might be thinking, "why research"? Well, half of my life I've been taking care of others. Now as I'm embarking on the "empty nest"… Continue reading 4 Steps To Self Care

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Are You Ready For No? You Should Be!

I ignored all of the signs in my last relationship. But I wouldn't say it was a waste of ten years. There is a lesson in every mistake as well. But this one was a difficult one because I can honestly say, and many people that knew us, know that I put in a lot… Continue reading Are You Ready For No? You Should Be!

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3 Steps to Overcome Perfectionism!

Photo by on Are you a perfectionist like me? Mhm! It's OK. First breakthrough is to acknowledge it 🙂 All my life, I have always been taught to work in excellence in everything I do. It's either wrong or "mostly" right. Everything is done in extreme. Never trust anyone to do anything because… Continue reading 3 Steps to Overcome Perfectionism!