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4 Steps To Self Care

I've recently been doing a lot of research on self-care. You know, things to do to take care of self, places to go, books to read, stuff like that. And you might be thinking, "why research"? Well, half of my life I've been taking care of others. Now as I'm embarking on the "empty nest"… Continue reading 4 Steps To Self Care

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5 Tips on Finding Yourself after Losing Yourself!

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Dealing with a relationship is hard work. Dealing with a "toxic" relationship can take a toll on you. To the point where you lose yourself. The journey to figuring it out can leave you in a very dark place. It takes time to grieve and courage to let go.… Continue reading 5 Tips on Finding Yourself after Losing Yourself!

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The Tattoo I Would Get!

I have many friends who have tattoos. Some have various ones all over their bodies. While others may just have a few. When I ask, "what does that tattoo mean to you?" there is always a quick response which turns into great conversations. Many have dates when their kids were born or when loved ones… Continue reading The Tattoo I Would Get!